Doctor Jane

South Florida’s most professional and discreet concierge medical cannabis practice.


As the most professional, comprehensive medical cannabis practice in South Florida, the Doctor Jane team operates with a mission that places nothing above the well-being of our patients.

Armed with a valuable understanding of medical cannabis’ unique healing capabilities and a desire to remedy the failures of traditional medicines, Doctor Jane’s licensed medical cannabis physician strives to promote the unique pairing of heath and understanding.

We seek to eliminate discomfort, provide education, and promote professionalism in the realm of medical cannabis.

Schedule a consultation today and discover how Doctor Jane’s discreet, personal, professional and convenient medical cannabis services can help improve your wellbeing and live with a new sense of freedom!


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Looking for more information about cannabis? Visit our blog to find the latest from the world of cannabis. From breaking news to medical applications, we break down, explain and discuss the important topics related to medical cannabis treatment and use.



You are entitled to your privacy, and Doctor Jane will exercise the utmost discretion at every turn. No obnoxious or loud advertising. Professional attire. Fast and discreet service.



No fake doctors here. Our doctor is highly-educated, highly-trained, and has been active in academic medicine and clinical research for over a decade.



You deserve to know your doctor. At Doctor Jane, you will never have to deal with anyone but the doctor, and you will always have direct access to him.



You have places to be and things to do. Waiting rooms and delayed appointments don't exist with Doctor Jane. Our doctor comes to you, whenever and wherever best suits you, your needs and your schedule.


Comprehensive consultations with Doctor Jane’s licensed medical cannabis physician come with our promise to provide only the most accurate recommendations for treatment with medical cannabis.

Endorsements for cannabis care are not given lightly; certifications are not provided unless the Doctor Jane team is completely certain that cannabis treatment is the most effective solution for our patients’ concerns.

Rest assured that with Doctor Jane, your health and well-being remains the most critical consideration with which we base all of our personalized care.