What Trump’s “Likely” Post-Midterm Medical Marijuana Legalization Might Mean


In a recent interview with Succeed.com founder Charles Peralo, the oft-embattled and short-tenured former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci claimed that President Donald Trump will likely push to legalize marijuana at a federal level “after the midterms”.

The validity of this information is unknown, though Mr. Scaramucci claims to maintain open lines of communication with POTUS. His prediction of federal marijuana legalization, while congruent with similar previous statements made by Mr. Trump, is by no means guaranteed. Many of Trump’s proclamations have failed to materialize or proceed as the creator intended, and the frequency with which this occurs does not lend much faith to the statement. That being said, there is much speculation that the major opposition in the administration, with regards to some form of federal relaxation, will disappear along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tenure as the head of national law enforcement.

What Could “Legalization” Actually Look Like?

Speaking in more concrete terms, what could “legalization” actually look like? We know that the Food and Drug Administration has gone on record in publicly-released letters to the Drug Enforcement Agency formally requesting a rescheduling of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II (e.g. oxycodone, cocaine) or III (e.g. ketamine, testosterone).

Most policy experts agree that a rescheduling of the drug is the most likely form that legalization at the federal level would take. Although a seemingly subtle change, rescheduling would bring about a veritable avalanche in federal and private funding for basic and clinical research currently not available--and who knows the extent of the applications that could result!

For Physicians

On the clinical side, physicians would finally have a chance to establish some semblance of dosing guidelines. Access to research funding would allow researchers to conduct proper clinical trials to ascertain the efficacy and side effect profile of medical cannabis in its various forms and allow for scientific analysis and documentation of adverse events encountered while using medicinal THC and CBD.

For Law Enforcement

From a regulatory and law-enforcement perspective, maintaining THC and marijuana as a scheduled narcotic allows for continued control over the drug’s flow and distribution in the therapeutic arena. As a scheduled narcotic, THC would require a valid prescription from a physician with an active DEA license. This shift would improve both accessibility and the ever-elusive societal acceptance.

Let’s face it: societal stigma, particularly in professional circles, represents a sometimes insurmountable hurdle for patients seeking relief from their myriad maladies. Society as a whole has come a long way in the past 10-15 years with regards to acceptance of THC and marijuana as legitimate medical therapies, however many professional bastions of conservatism have proven stubborn. A move towards legalization, however it may look initially, along with a major push to re-educate the public in the proper uses and precautions necessary with THC, would go a long way towards improving accessibility and mainstream acceptance of an increasingly popular--and highly beneficial--medical therapy.

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