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Congress Votes to Protect State Cannabis Laws from Federal Interference

In what could prove to be a landmark move for the cannabis industry, the House of Representatives voted this past Thursday to block the federal government from enforcing federal cannabis laws in states where cannabis--either medical, adult-use, or both--is legal. While this may not sound like a groundbreaking decision, it is actually an important victory for those that oppose federal cannabis prohibition.

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Cannabis in Court: Did the Federal Government Violate the Law in Cannabis Scheduling Evaluation?

It looks like the federal government--or at least some of its agencies--is in hot water over its 2016 decision to continue cannabis’ status as a Schedule I substance. This status is one of the major limitations to making cannabis widely available to patients and individuals that could benefit from its medicinal applications, and also limits researchers’ ability to study how and why cannabis affects patients and determine possible future applications.

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Legitimacy vs. Sensationalism: The Spectrum of Cannabis News Reporting

Recently we discussed the current status of cannabis research following the Federal Health Agency’s indictment of the plant’s Schedule I status as the cause of what the FHA deems ‘slow’ progress in this area. In fact, the number of small studies being published and making headlines in major publications is actually growing quite rapidly as more states legalize cannabis use.

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