In recent years, cannabis has become a much sought-after medicinal aid for patients across the U.S. Unfortunately, many patients are left in the dark when it comes to dosing, even after meeting with a licensed cannabis physician and discussing their individual needs.

That's why the team at Doctor Jane decided to put together these simple dosing guidelines as a stepping stone for determining the best dosing strategies for your individual needs.

That's why our team developed an infographic that outlines:

  • How to determine whether you are a “medically sensitive” patient

  • General guidelines for determining the best dose of the most common cannabinoids

  • Simple guidelines for changing dosages over time.

Fill out the form below to download the full infographic and learn how you can make the most of the health benefits of the CBD and THC cannabinoids today!

As always, please keep in mind that it is imperative to speak with a licensed medical cannabis physician like our founder, Dr. Weyback, before using any product, whether medical cannabis or hemp-derived CBD.

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