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Cannabis Not As Dangerous As The Wall Street Journal Would Have You Believe | CBD Health and Wellness

Not surprisingly, misinformation continues to threaten the medical marijuana industry, a major concern for doctors and patients alike. When statements are intentionally crafted using cherry-picked and misinterpreted conclusions such that they demonstrate clear bias, the underlying concepts become as dangerous as they are unscientific. When these opinion-fueled ideas are then published by outlets as influential as the Wall Street Journal, legitimate, licensed medical cannabis professionals and researchers are forced to brace against the coming waves of misconception, social stigma, and uncertain legislative status.

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E38 Talk With Canna-Doctor Who Makes House Calls, AG Barr Prefers Hands-Off Approach, and More | Vote Pro Pot-Cast

Practical information and news updates from the world of cannabis, including

  • Jay talks with medical marijuana M.D., Rick Weyback

  • AG William Barr prefers to leave states to decide legalization

  • Is industrial hemp really what it’s cracked up to be?

  • New numbers are in regarding cannabis use

  • And much more