The Doctor Jane team has been recognized nationally for thought leadership in the medical cannabis industry.

Below are selected press appearances including articles and podcasts that have allowed us to share our passion and knowledge. Check back regularly for updates!


Episode 9: Dr. Rick Weyback | MyMMArijuanaChronicles, MyMMANews

Dr. Weyback joins MyMMArijuanaChronicles host Adam Crist to discuss a wide range of topics including the intersection of medical cannabis and professional sports, their favorite types of medical cannabis and why they prefer them, their shared history of contact sports, and their passion for cannabis activism and advocacy. Don’t miss it!


What is a ‘Marijuana Expert,’ Anyway, and Do They Really Exist? | World Canna Health

Following a recent Louisiana coroner’s report that cited the cause of death as an overdose of THC (something never before documented in the world), questions were raised in the press about what it means to be a “marijuana expert” and whether they truly do exist. Dr. Weyback discusses what this means, how to define or qualify a “marijuana expert,” and explains why he does believe that they exist—just fewer and farther between than people may think.

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Big Box Enters CBD Sales: What Could it Mean for CBD Regulation, Use & Education? | World Canna Health

CBD-based products are going mainstream faster than expected; at the end of March, both CVS and Walgreens shocked the public by announcing plans to bring CBD products to many of their stores in select states. Now months later, myriad additional retailers have chosen to follow suit with CBD stock of their own. Read Doctor Jane founder Dr. Rick Weyback’s take on this trend, which even includes a simple infographic outlining the brief history of retail CBD sales!

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Ep. 328 - June 3, 2019 | OMG I’m Getting Older and So Is My Mom Podcast

Medical Marijuana, CBD, Cannabis, THC are all hot button words these days as the debate rages between its legality and effectiveness. Dr Rick Liogier-Weyback helps explain the differences and clear up the confusion. Tune in for a very informative discussion.

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Mr. Sativa Interviews Doctor Weyback about Medical Marijuana for Veterans, Athletes and All Medical Marijuana Patients | I am Cannabis Sativa Podcast

The Cannabis Sativa Podcast is a Indie-Populist advocacy oriented podcast that discusses Cannabis news and Politics as well as in-depth medical & scientific discussion of various ailments and diseases.

Additionally, I hold interviews with everyday people about their medical cannabis journey, as well as discussing preferred methods of ingestion and tips on how to treat specific illnesses.

The Cannabis Sativa Podcast is a peer oriented space for MMJ patients to share information and knowledge amongst each other.

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Episode 88: Doctor Rick of Doctor Jane | Root’d Podcast

Episode 88 of the Root’d podcast welcomes in Doctor Luis Enrique R. Liogier-Weyback, or Doctor Rick as we like to call him. 

Doctor Rick is the Founder of Doctor Jane, South Florida’s most discreet, professional, and convenient medical cannabis practice. Through his practice, Doctor Rick provides one-on-one patient consultations where he works with patients to draft cannabis or CBD treatment plans that are tailored to his client's needs. 

Throughout this interview, Doctor Rick discusses his extremely impressive past, which included playing college hockey at Navy, his medical training and qualifications, and what took him from mainstream medicine to working in the cannabis and CBD space. 

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Cannabis Not As Dangerous As The Wall Street Journal Would Have You Believe | CBD Health and Wellness

Not surprisingly, misinformation continues to threaten the medical marijuana industry, a major concern for doctors and patients alike. When statements are intentionally crafted using cherry-picked and misinterpreted conclusions such that they demonstrate clear bias, the underlying concepts become as dangerous as they are unscientific. When these opinion-fueled ideas are then published by outlets as influential as the Wall Street Journal, legitimate, licensed medical cannabis professionals and researchers are forced to brace against the coming waves of misconception, social stigma, and uncertain legislative status.

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E38 Talk With Canna-Doctor Who Makes House Calls, AG Barr Prefers Hands-Off Approach, and More | Vote Pro Pot-Cast

Practical information and news updates from the world of cannabis, including:

  • Jay talks with medical cannabis M.D., Rick Weyback

  • AG William Barr prefers to leave states to decide legalization

  • Is industrial hemp really what it’s cracked up to be?

  • New numbers are in regarding cannabis use

    And much more!